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There's nothing like having a lovely coop in your yard. Anywhere in your yard. With the Regal Roller series, you can literally have it here, there and everywhere! Want that nice sunny patch for your coop, but only for the winter? Just pick it up and take it there. Always wished you could just move it through your paddocks on your land? Now you can.

Features include:

  • Two sturdy, pneumatic, caster wheels up front to negotiate the way
  • Two comfy wooden handles at the rear of the coop to "wheelbarrow" your way around
  • Attractive entry door fitted with stylish pulley door and tough hardwood entry ramp
  • Tempered glass viewing window so you can admire your flock as they go about their business in the coop, without disturbing them. Great for kids!
  • 10mm thick sustainable hardwood wall panels and doors
  • Three cosy nest boxes with a convenient lift-up, lockable lid. It's fitted  with a snap open strut to facilitate easy, two-handed cleaning and egg collection
  • Two full length perches at different heights for a dozen birds
  • Huge rear access door for easy sweep-outs
  • Handy hooks at the rear for brushes, brooms etc
  • Tough yellow-tongue flooring throughout
  • Durable, hardwood paling walls to keep your flock warm and safe 
  • Add an automatic door for $185 and enjoy the peace of mind and sleep-ins!
  • Safe and secure latches to keep out unwanted guests on all doors and lids
  • Generous eaves on all sides for extra protection against the elements and extra internal ceiling perch space for your flock
  • Optional galvanised floor sheet  ($115.00)
  • optional deep-litter modification (+$240)


Regal + Roller "Rosalina II"


    Internal Length:1300mm

    Width: 1120mm

    Height: 1500mm