• The Regal + " Sandro" takes our Regal series to a new level. It offers longer internal coop dimensions, extra height under the coop, and you can expand your flock to up to 10 medium-large birds comfortably. It retains all the great features of the Regal coops, while providing more wriggle room all round - in and under the coop and on the full length perches. 

    The Sandro features:

    • 3 sturdy and roomy nesting boxes
    • durable hardwood panels throughout 
    • a huge rear clean-out door
    • attractive facade and decorative features
    • option to fit a 40mm x 40mm tempered glass viewing window at $50 (as pictured)
    • option to fit a run under the coop with a big, flip-up rear door (+$200)  You can either extend the run out the front at a later date, or fit a run you already have that's good to go!
    • channel ventilation under roof flares and at each end of the coop providing good air circulation
    • stylish rattan mesh/gal wire mesh window and rear vent under the eave
    • option to fit an automatic door ($185) so you can enjoy the sleep-ins and peace of mind - your flock will be secure, locked in and let out even if you forget!
    • 2 full length ironwood perches
    • ironwood entry ramp
    • tough yellow-tongue flooring
    • 12mm sturdy paling roof to keep your girls high and dry, cosy and cool
    • attractively designed roof flares, adding extra internal ceiling room and roost space
    • option to fit roll-away nest boxes (add $115.00)

    Regal + Tall Boy "Sandro"

    • Internal Length 1300mm

      Internal Width 1200mm

      Footprint 2000mm x 1250mm

      Coop Height 1700mm