• Petite Coop "Loulou" includes a hardwood Standard Run, a viewing window, a galvanised steel poop-tray and an automatic door! With a stack of great features, this little beauty is ideally suited to a small sized backyard flock of 3-5 birds - depending on size.

    Although it's our smallest coop, it retains all the highly functional elements of our larger coops and comes fitted with two comfy nesting boxes, a viewing window,  a huge rear clean-out door, and two full-length perches to spoil your girls, and you too! 


    • 2 nesting boxes with lockable lid and timber support strut to allow easy, two-hands cleaning and egg collection
    • Ceiling channel vents under the eaves and above the rear door for internal airflow
    • Two full-length perches for cosy perching
    • Handy hooks fitted on the back panel for brooms/brushes etc.
    • An automatic door fitted with a solar sensor so you can enjoy the peace of mind and the sleep-ins!
    • A 1.55m run, comprising a fully enclosed and under-cover area beneath the entire coop and an open front section
    • An ironwood entry ramp
    • A removable galvanised steel poop tray for some extra protection on the floor and easy clean outs
    • Tough yellow-tongue flooring
    • Huge rear door with timber latch 
    • A tempered glass viewing window so you can keep an eye on your feathered friends without disturbing them
    • Safe and secure latches to keep out unwanted guests
    • Attractive gable roof with eave flares providing an extra high, spacious internal ceiling
    • 12 mm thick roof palings to insulate against the elements
    • Generous eaves on all sides for extra protection against the elements
    • Sufficient headroom under the coop to position a feeder/treadle, with access by a flip-up rear door
    • Hardwood slats on sides and rear of under coop to provide a cosy and safe enclosed area
    • Durable hardwood solid timber walls

    Petite Coop "Loulou" and Standard Run