• The Petite Coop "Amelie" is ideally suited to a small sized backyard flock ( 4-5 birds depending on size). This is a chicken coop designed with minimalist refined features and will be, most importantly, the cosiest of homes for your girls.

    It offers loads of comfy nest and perch space and boasts a 1.35m x 1.2m footprint.


    • 2 sturdy nesting boxes with lockable lid and timber support strut to allow easy, two-hands cleaning and egg collection
    • Ceiling channel vents and a circular vent both above the entrance door and rear door for internal airflow
    • Two parallel perches, high and low, for cosy spacious perching to suit all types of perching preferences
    • Handy hooks fitted on the back panel for brooms/brushes etc.
    •  Stylish drop down manual door.
    • Tough yellow-tongue flooring
    • Huge rear door fitted with a sturdy stainless steel bar handle, for quick and hassle-free cleaning
    • Option to fit a tempered glass viewing window so that you can enjoy watching your hens going about their business inside without disturbing them (add $50.00)
    • Safe and secure latches to keep out unwanted guests
    • Attractive gable roof with eave flares providing an extra high, spacious internal ceiling
    • 12 mm thick roof palings to insulate against the elements
    • Generous eaves on all sides for extra protection against the elements
    • Ample headroom under the coop to position a feeder/treadle
    • Durable hardwood/weatherboard solid timber walls
    • Option to fit roll-away nest boxes (on request prior to build add $75.00)

    Petite Coop "Amelie"